Larry Fitzgerald
Most of University of Phoenix's students are balancing full-time jobs, raising children, and gaining an education at the same time. To give them a boost of motivation, we asked a recent graduate who knows what its like to be busy: Arizona Cardinal's wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald.
Trivia night
We found a simple, engaging way to use Facebook Live with no budget. Lucky for us, it also got people to mash the Like button over and over.
Online Cookie decorating
The gold standard for social ideas are those that cost no money to produce, but get people to engage and share. This holiday idea that got people creating content to share with us without ever leaving Facebook.
Phoenix Family Christmas Card
You know how every holiday season your fridge gets taken over by family photos of distant acquaintances? Well we made one of those holiday family cards for the University of Phoenix family. But our card was 50 feet long.
Of course there was no budget for this. So when I wanted to physically print it out and have it scroll past the camera I had to get real creative with it. Here's a BTS video for you to shake your head and laugh at.
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